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Rachel Appel

Rachel has been in the business of creating software for over 25 years, as an author, mentor, and speaker at top industry conferences such as VSLive!, DevConnections, Øredev, //build and Techorama. During her career, she has worked on projects of all sizes from the smallest of apps, to the largest enterprise systems at some of the world’s leading companies. Rachel’s expertise is in web development on the Microsoft stack, specifically Azure Functions, ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms, SignalR, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and TypeScript. Her hobbies include science, AI, reading, languages, and travel.

Adam Bar

I started my developer career 10 years ago with simple PHP websites. Later I touched on .NET, Ruby, Java and Objective-C, but I have always come back to the Web that I value for its openness and accessibility for everyone. And even though I admire simple structures, simple rules and order, which are often hard to find on the Web, these are Web technologies that are my programming passion. Daily I work on versatile web apps in Bright Inventions and take care of my website that aims to review device integration capabilities of the web - whatwebcando.today

Tomasz Heimowski

Tomasz is a passionate developer whose main areas of interest are F# and Functional Programming in general. As a Senior Software Engineer at Datto he tackles problems from various domains. In his free time, apart from contributing to OSS projects and learning new tech stuff, he enjoys lifting weights as well as dancing.

Silviu Niculita

Silviu Niculita is a passionate software developer and technologist focused on solving hard business problems with cutting-edge technology. For the last 10 years, he has managed teams building and operating high-performance enterprise systems from hardware architecture to design, development, quality assurance and support. Silviu’s areas of interest are around how small teams can be most effective in building real software: high-quality, secure systems at the highest limits of robustness, performance, and flexibility. Silviu has worked with groups like Microsoft and Siemens and he also holds numerous IT certifications.ns.

Tomasz Pęczek

Developer, blogger, speaker and open source author/contributor focused on Web Development in context of ASP.NET (Core) platform. For more than 10 years he has been creating web applications for health care, banking or e-learning industries. Currently he works in Oracle as an applications architect where his main areas of responsibility are web applications performance and security. Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio and Development Technologies category.

Karl-Henrik Nilsson

Karl-Henrik “KH” Nilsson is a turbulently enthusiastic and unstoppably curious Swedish software developer with a soft spot for the software community. Working with everything from web applications to cellphone towers has given him a very particular set of skills and the habit of breaking out a soldering iron to solve the oddest of problems. Today Karl-Henrik is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft focusing predominately on Azure and cloud technology. He blogs at karl-henrik.se and tweets as @KHNilsson.

Maxime Beugnet

Maxime has been working with MongoDB for the past 4 years and in the IT industry for 7 years. He is a MongoDB and Java trainer, with DEV and DBA MongoDB certifications. Maxime recently joined MongoDB as a Developer Advocate EMEA to share his experience with the community. He loves clean code, scuba diving, code challenges and Vikings.

{{translate("date")}} | Gdańsk, Stary Maneż


  • 8:00

    Conference registration

  • 9:00

    Conference opening

  • 9:10 | Rachel Appel

    Robot Apocalypse

    What does the future hold for humankind? Is it possible to build machines that are conscious, or that can evolve to become conscious? Many leading-edge thinkers say that it is, and are expecting it to happen - they call it, the Singularity. Can the Singularity happen? If it does, will it be in our lifetimes and will the machines rise and destroy us? Can we live together, must we destroy them, or is there another way? Let's find out! In this session, we'll walk through today's bleeding edge technology, where you'll learn about both delightful and frightening robots and AI systems, as well as how they are more commonplace than you think. You'll see how we interact with them now and how we will in the future. They're everywhere doing everything from fun to medicine. You'll get a sneak peek at all the latest and greatest technological advances in many fields - robotics, AI, computing, cognitive, health, military, and other sciences, to see what the future of advanced technology may bring. The robots just might rise up, so In the meantime, sit back, watch the show, but most importantly, be NICE to your computers!

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  • 10:20 | Adam Bar

    What Web Can Do Today?

    Overview of the newer Web Platform APIs allowing integration of the web apps with the device’s hardware & OS, with simple demos for each feature covered. The range is from local storage techniques, through offline capabilities and push notifications, to Bluetooth, USB, shape detection etc.

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  • 11:30 | Tomasz Heimowski

    SAFE apps with F# web stack

    Modern web stacks often involve more than one programming language. SAFE on the other side offers an end-to-end solution, with static typing safety and other powerful language capabilities on both server and client side in plain F#. In this talk you will learn about the possibilities of the stack during a live demo. After starting a SAFE project from scratch, you will develop new features by sharing common F# code between client and server and observe changes using hot module replacement.

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  • 12:40 | Silviu Niculita

    Blockchain for mere mortals

    Blockchain has been positioned as THE next big thing, that will disrupt many existing businesses and industries. But what is it really? And how can we as software professionals benefit from it? During this session we will cover what the Blockchain is, how it works, some scenarios showing potential use cases and then finally how we can leverage Microsoft’s Platform as a Service offering in the Blockchain space to get started developing distributed apps very quickly.

  • 13:30 | Lunch

  • 14:50 | Maxime Beugnet

    Simplifying & accelerating application development with MongoDB's intelligent operational data platform

    Simplifying & accelerating application development with MongoDB's intelligent operational data platform

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  • 16:00 | Tomasz Pęczek

    Real-time capabilities in ASP.NET Core web applications beyond (or besides) SignalR

    As the title suggests, this talk won’t be about SignalR (it might be mentioned, but that’s all). It will walk through native technologies like WebSockets, Server-Sent Events and Push API based notifications. It will show how to use them, compare them and suggest when to use which by exploring their strong and weak sides.

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  • 17:10 | Karl-Henrik Nilsson

    Rest Azured, this is how to do it right

    Over the years I have made mistakes, I have worked with customers that made mistakes, and I’ve learned how to solve them! In this session, I will regale on some war stories and talk about what mistakes people, and I made while implementing different architecture and hosting plans on Microsoft Azure, how we messed it up and how we eventually solved it. Let’s talk about how to do it right!

  • 18:00

    Networking Party & Free beer

  • 19:00

    Concert Mitra and Pertone




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