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Bethany Baer

Bethany Baer joined IHS Markit Digital’s executive team in 2016 as Managing Director, Chief Technology Officer where she is using her passion for the digital experience to unlock technology that will fundamentally change the user experience for the financial services industry. In the past year, Bethany has completely restructured the way IHS Markit Digital works to better serve both its employees and its clients as the leading digital products SaaS provider and design agency in the industry.

Bethany’s approachable and candid leadership style matched with her fearless pursuit to shake things up from the status quo make her an exemplary leader and role model for women in technology. In 2017, she was named Technology Leader of the Year by Waters Technology, WITD. Lance Uggla, chairman and CEO at IHS Markit, remarks that “[Bethany’s] technical and business leadership enables us to be the innovative partner our customers require to capitalize on dynamic video, advanced personalization, conversational user interfaces and other technologies that are redefining how financial firms interact with their clients.”

In total, Bethany has 20 years of experience in technology management with the majority of her time spent in an executive leadership role. Prior to joining IHS Markit Digital, she was CIO for insuranceQuotes where she led Technology and Product as well as owning the Digital Acquisition and Marketing organization responsible for considerable growth of the business. Bethany also spent over 10 years at Orbitz Worldwide in various leadership positions.

Yan Cui

Yan is an experienced engineer who has run production workload at scale in AWS for 10 years. He has been an architect and principal engineer with a variety of industries ranging from banking, e-commerce, sports streaming to mobile gaming. He has worked extensively with AWS Lambda in production and has been helping clients around the world adopt AWS and serverless as an independent consultant.

Yan is an AWS Serverless Hero and a regular speaker at user groups and conferences internationally. He is also the author of Production-Ready Serverless by Manning and keeps an active blog at theburningmonk.com

Felienne Hermans

Felienne is associate professor at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science at Leiden University, where she heads the PERL research group, focused on programming education.

On Saturdays she teaches children programming in a local community centre. She is one of the organizers of the CurryOn conference, which aims to bridge the gap between industry and academia. Felienne was also one of the founders of the Joy of Coding conference, with a similar goal, which she organized for 6 years. Since 2016, she has been a host at SE radio, one of the most popular software engineering podcasts on the web. When she is not coding, blogging or teaching, she is probably knitting, running or playing a (board)game.

Felienne blogs at felienne.com

Jakub Orlik

Technical Trainer at Niebezpiecznik.pl. An Adam Mickiewicz University graduate, he wrote his thesis on cryptology and web application security. He has been fulfilling himself in developing web applications for many years, and he is fascinated by the influence of technology on our decisions, mood, or safety.

On his own initiative, he also runs security awareness workshops dedicated to schools and youth, and while doing it, he found, that he has a rare among IT engineers gift of having pleasure while speaking publically. By combining his abilities and gifts he helps digital world citizens to make the technology solve more problems than it creates.

Maaret Pyhäjärvi

Maaret Pyhäjärvi is feedback fairy with a day job at F-Secure, where she works as Engineering Manager. She identifies as empirical technologist, tester and programmer, catalyst for improvement, author and speaker, and community facilitator and conference organizer. She was awarded as Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person 2016 and has spoken at events in 25 countries delivering close to 400 sessions. With 25 years as exploratory tester before stepping into a role to manage developers, she crafts her engineering manager job into being a mix of leading a team of 12, doing hands-on testing and programming. She is a serial volunteer and organizing powerhouse contributing to European Testing Conference and Speak Easy, as well as Finnish non-profit scene. She blogs at visible-quality.blogspot.fi, posts articles on Medium, and is author of three LeanPub books: Mob Programming Guidebook, Exploratory Testing and Strong-Style Pair Programming. Her web page is http://maaretp.com.

Venkat Subramaniam

Dr. Venkat Subramaniam is an award-winning author, founder of Agile Developer, Inc., creator of agilelearner.com, and an instructional professor at the University of Houston. He has trained and mentored thousands of software developers in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia, and is a regularly-invited speaker at several international conferences. Venkat helps his clients effectively apply and succeed with sustainable agile practices on their software projects.

Venkat is a (co)author of multiple technical books, including the 2007 Jolt Productivity award winning book Practices of an Agile Developer. You can find a list of his books at agiledeveloper.com. You can reach him by email at venkats@agiledeveloper.com or on twitter at @venkat_s.

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  • 8:00

    Conference registration

  • 9:20

    Conference opening

  • 9:30 | Bethany Baer

    Unleashing Innovation

    Exploring how everything – Team Structure, Architecture, Coding Practices, Release Management, and Execution Methodology – impacts your ability to innovate.

    Innovation is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for any technology program to remain in business. Based on her over 20 years of experience across startups and powerhouse ecommerce companies, Bethany will highlight how the choices we make in every aspect of technology delivery either enables or prohibits innovation and how you can help lower the barriers to delivering that next great disruption.

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  • 10:40 | Yan Cui

    Migration Strategies to Serverless

    Serverless technologies are revolutionizing the way we build and run applications in the cloud and are clearly the future of software development. But most of us work on applications that were not designed for the serverless paradigm.

    What are the strategies for migrating an existing application to leverage the power of serverless?
    How can we migrate our applications gracefully without downtime and disruption to our users?
    What are the pitfalls to look out for and how does serverless change the way we work?

    Join AWS Serverless Hero, Yan Cui, and learn the answer to these questions.

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  • 11:50 | Felienne Hermans

    What every programmer should know about cognition

    When you are programming, you rely on your brain a lot! Remembering syntax and design patterns, logical reasoning and reading natural language. However, most computer science programs do not teach a lot about how your brains works and why it works in such a way. This talk is here to save to the day and help you grok your brains and those of others.

  • 12:40 | Lunch

  • 14:20 | Jakub Orlik  *talk in polish

    Jak ukradliśmy 13 mln PLN - case study

    W ramach prelekcji pokazane są kulisy ataków socjotechnicznych przeprowadzonych przez zespół bezpieczeństwa Niebezpiecznik.pl w latach 2014-2016 w kilku polskich firmach z różnych branż. Wykład jest do bólu praktyczny i bazuje na realnych przypadkach. Można na nim zobaczyć rzeczywiste zrzuty ekranów z e-maili, jakimi na niebezpiecznikowe "zaczepki" odpowiadali pracownicy firmy-ofiary.

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  • 15:30 | Maaret Pyhäjärvi

    Intersection of Automation and Exploratory Testing

    I’m using exploratory testing to design which tests I leave behind as automated. Creating automation forces me to explore details in a natural way. When an automated test fails, it is an invitation to explore. The two sides of testing, automation, and exploration, complement each other. These intertwine the considerations of the best for today and for the future.

    For great testing bringing value now as well as when we are not around, we need to be great at testing - uncovering relevant information - and programming - building maintainable test systems. At the core of all this is learning. With our industry doubling in size every five years, half of us have less than five years of experience. We all start somewhere on our learning journey.

    In this talk, we look at the skills-focused path to better testing in the intersection of automation and exploratory testing. We can arrive at the intersection by enhancing our individual skills, or our collaboration skills. What could you do to become one of those testers who companies seek after that work well in the intersection, giving up the false dichotomy?

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  • 16:40 | Venkat Subramaniam

    Speed without Discipline: a Recipe for Disaster

    The demands on applications have never been more intense. The users on the web, combined with mobile devices, ask for highly responsive applications. Our customers, thanks to open competition and perceived agility, expect tomorrow's features be delivered today. 'Are you done yet' are the dreaded words of the corporate grind. Tools and techniques have risen to address those demands for speed. While that's wonderful, speed in the absence of discipline is hard to sustain. In this keynote we will discuss the practices that can help alleviate the pains while helping us cope with the demands, the reasons to do so, and the approach we can take to achieve that.

  • 17:30 | Networking Party & Free beer

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IHS Markit is a global leader in information, analytics and solutions for the major industries and markets that drive economies worldwide. Our company partners with clients in business, finance and government to help them see the big picture with unrivaled insights that lead to well-informed, confident decisions. IHS Markit serves more than 50,000 key customers in over 140 countries, including 85 percent of the Fortune Global 500. Headquartered in London, IHS Markit is committed to sustainable, profitable growth.

Founded in 2012, automotiveMastermind®, a business unit of IHS Markit, is a leading provider of predictive analytics and marketing automation solutions for the automotive industry. Market EyeQ by Mastermind is the single sales platform to identify, communicate with, and close every buyer in a local market. Mastermind is headquartered in New York City and San Francisco. Based in London, IHS Markit is a world leader in critical information, analytics and solutions. For more information, visit automotivemastermind.com

CARFAX builds products that are changing the automotive industry forever! We're not just here for you when you buy a car, we have tools to help consumers while owning and when it comes time to sell too! Since 1984, we’ve been pioneering new ways to help consumers by building products that utilize our database of over 18 billion vehicle history records (and counting!).

CARFAX is constantly winning awards for making work fun and putting our employees’ lives first. Just recently we were named a Washingtonian Magazine Best Place to Work for the 8th consecutive time! We prioritize a work/life balance that enables you to put your best foot forward at work and at home. Plus, our benefits are unheard of, going beyond the basic to include things like pet insurance, gym reimbursements and auto discounts.

From Hackathons to happy hours, find out what makes CARFAX a great place to work and apply today at CARFAX.com/careers. Get to know the NEW CARFAX!

At the end of October we invite you to Gdańsk to join a unique conference dedicated to IT specialists responsible for software delivery and its quality.

At this year's Agile & Automation Days we'll be talking about Delivery at Speed - how to deliver software fast without jeopardising the quality. The conference is a combination of talks, mini workshops, discussion panels and an exhibition area, i.e. everything that is useful in the development of people related to IT.

Agile & Automation Days (@aadays) will take place on 28-29 October 2019 in the Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk.

Visit aadays.pl and check out what the conference programme offers.


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